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Polyfill Fibre Pillows:
100% cotton fabric 40's 40's T/C 190/200 TPI with 100% pure virgin silkonized hollow polyester fiber having major fiber thickness 6 denier blended with 15 denier. The weights of the pillows are as follows: For Pillow size of 20" X 30" = 1000 Grams and Size: 17 X 27 = 750 Grams.

Micro Fibre Pillows:
Pillow having fabric 100% cotton Satin Plain Finish Fabric Cover with inside filling of 0.7 Micro Denier,cut length 16mm Zero bacteria fibre having double stitch all around. The weight of pillow is 550 Grams including the weight of fabric. All sizes are manufactured. Size: 100 X 90 2550 Grams & 90 X 60 -1550 Grams

Down & Feather Pillows:
Down and Feather Pillow with 100% imported real white goose, down & feather fillings. The fabric used in the cover is 100% cotton. These are made in different combination of Down and Feather starting from (30% + 70%) to (50% + 50%) depending upon the requirement of customers.

Natural Latex Ruber Pillows:
Mattresses are made from natural latex rubber on the concept of Pin-core technology. The mattress has an excellent rate of recovery from deformation and provides self-ventilation keeping the user in comfort. It moulds itself to the body contour of the sleeper supporting the body firmly.


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